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Information is the lifeblood of any organisation. Without timely access to the correct information organisations can miss opportunities, provide incorrect information, make wrong decisions and breach regulations and laws. Finding and managing our information is a challenge for everyone. Ever increasing volumes, multiple formats, multiple copies, multiple storage location and inconsistent practices all lead to difficulties storing, managing and finding our information. This is especially true of our unstructured information – the documents and records that we all use.


Improving how we manage our documents and records can save organisations money by reducing storage, reducing time spent to find the correct information and ensuring that organisations do not breach regulations and incur penalties. Effective Document and records Management (DRM) provides organisations with the capability to leverage information effectively and meet compliance requirements.


This 3 day course provides attendees with a good understanding of how to effectively manage an organisation’s documents and records. The importance of information, and why it is difficult to manage, is explained, along with constraints and benefits of improving management of the information. Approaches and techniques to improve management of documents and records are explained, with practical exercises helping reinforce the concepts. Attendees will learn sound ways to develop and implement projects to improve document and records management within an organisation.

Course Overview


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  • Understand the importance of document control in a project management cycle

  • Learn key techniques and approaches to effectively organising and managing your documents and records

  • Identify the key components required to implement an effective document and records control system

  • Implement international best practices to set up your project document control process and procedures

  • Comply with international standards in document and records control including ISO 9000, ISO 14001, ISO 17025 ISO/TS 29001 or OHSAS 18001

  • Enable the accuracy of data and metadata through the use of data quality control, quality assurance and audit procedures

  • Understand the different project documents flow within project teams which will help to improve document control process

  • Recognise the challenges and risks faced by document controllers in regulated industries

  • Develop your document control process that adjacent to the quality assurance system

  • Gain knowledge on how poor document control contributes to failures and accidents

  • Examine selected case studies from engineering, energy, construction, healthcare & finance industries

  • Comprehend the even bigger concepts of content and information management in your organisation

  • Understand the challenges that technologies including BYOD, cloud and mobile bring to document and records management

Key Highlights
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This course is designed for those with responsibility at a corporate and operational level for:

  • Document Control

  • Records Management

  • Office Management

  • Operational Management

  • Information Management Strategy

  • Business Development

  • Information Technology

  • Corporate Information Security

  • Compliance

  • Information Governance

Designed For
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Course Leader
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John Barton
Chairman, Institute of Document Control
Project Manager/Information Management Consultant with over 30 Years Commercial Experience

Key Project Experiences Include:

Document Management Consultant, London 2012 Olympics for CLM, delivery partner to the Olympic Delivery Authority

  • Performed a review of the state of Document Management on the London 2012 Olympics project with recommendations. Appointed Head of Document Control with mandate to implement those recommendations.

  • Clarified the scope, structure, systems and processes of Document Control at Program and Project level including supply chain capability. Issued instructions and guidelines to contractors and developed internal procedures.

  • Developed Requirements and Business Case for the procurement of a 'world class' Document Control software system. Configured and implemented the AssaiDCMS system.

  • Recruited high calibre Document Control professionals into manager and senior roles and managed 16 key project Document Control teams including Main Stadium, International Press and Media Centre, Aquatics Centre, Utilities, Bridges & Highways, Security & Logistics and multiple smaller venues.

Channel Tunnel Rail Link Project

  • Manager of Document Control, with a staff of 55 people on the £6.5 Billion Channel Tunnel Rail Project. Specified and implemented the Document Control system, Issued procedures and instructions to meet contract requirements. The Document Management function was acknowledged to have provided enormous value, through design, construction, commissioning and handover, as well as providing traceability of information for legal and insurance claims.

  • Implemented Bechtel’s ‘Documentum’ based ‘InfoWorks’ Electonic Data Records Management System.

  • Implemented the ‘ASSAI’ Transmittal/tracking/reporting Document Control system (Oracle based).

  • Responsible for all Document Management procedures & Document Management contract schedule inclusions.

  • Reported to the Commercial Director and liaised with Project Director, Technical Director and all other department /discipline heads and Contract managers.

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