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This training assumes an understanding of the basic concepts of document control and develops the requirements to help Records Managers and other staff improve the control of critical documents across the organisation. With time-proven methodologies and techniques, trainer will help the delegates understand and implement key document control methods and improvement plans, and understand the impact of wider information management issues.

Delegates will also be introduced to the use of data quality control, quality assurance and audit procedures. The course will also highlight the different types of risks facing regulated industries and provide guidance on mitigating those risks though effective document control. The importance of information, and why it is difficult to manage, is described, along with constraints and benefits of improving management of the information. Approaches and techniques to improve management of documents and records are explained, with practical exercises helping reinforce the concepts. Attendees will learn sound ways to develop and implement projects to improve document and records management within an organisation. 

What will you achieve?​

  • Understand the importance of document control in a project management cycle

  • Learn key techniques and approaches to organising and managing your documents and records

  • Identify the key components required to implement an effective document and records control system

  • Review how to effectively manage documents and records

  • Learn how to control your critical and important documents

  • Ensure that your important documents and records are available as long as you need them

  • Acquire practical tools and techniques to start your own document control improvement plan

  • Recognise the challenges and risks faced by document controllers in regulated industries

  • Comply with international standards in document and records control including ISO 9000, ISO 14001, ISO 17025 ISO/TS 29001 or OHSAS 18001

  • Enable the accuracy of data & metadata through the use of data quality control, quality assurance and audit procedures

  • Understand the different project documents flow within project teams which will help to improve document control process

  • Discuss the most common reasons for poor document control and how to improve the process

  • Gain knowledge on how poor document control contributes to failures and accidents

  • Examine selected case studies from engineering, construction, healthcare & finance industries

  • Comprehend the even bigger concepts of content and information management in your organisation

  • Understand the challenges that technologies including BYOD, cloud and mobile bring to document and records management


Who should attend?

This course is designed for those with responsibility at a corporate and operational level for:

  • Document Control

  • Records Management

  • Office Management

  • Operational Management

  • Information Management Strategy

  • Business Development

  • Information Technology

  • Corporate Information Security

  • Compliance

  • Information Governance

Early Fee: USD 1295 (Book & Pay by 9/10/2020)

Standard Fee: USD 1695 (After 9/10/2020)

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