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Coal Industry & Market Fundamentals Masterclass      

This course covers industry drivers & developments including international demand and reviews of geology, geography, industry structure, processes, markets, pricing and future developments.


This is your opportunity to gain an understanding of what lies behind the industry, and the nuances of the rapidly changing market conditions. It will cover all aspects – from mining to markets, and examine the international setting and influences of this global industry, with examples of Australia, Russia and Chinese among others.

Course Objectives

  • Discover the coal geological genesis, major types, typical grade and physical properties

  • Appreciate the history of the modern coal industry

  • Recognise global major producing regions and trends

  • Analyse the coal mining methods and treatments

  • Identify coal end uses and export markets

  • Describe the coal chain – from mine to port

  • Identify major coal producers – operations, products and future plans

  • Learn about coal consumers and sales contracts

  • Appreciate industry issues – consolidation and international influences

  • Understand clean coal technology

Who should attend?

  • Senior and Mid Management

  • Advisors and Board Members

  • Market Analysts

  • Investors

  • Commercial Managers

  • Bankers

  • Lawyers

  • Public Servants

Early Fee: USD 995

Standard Fee: USD 1395

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