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Competency Management & Assurance in the Energy Industry       

Within the energy industry, it is a requirement, both contractual and in some areas legislative, to ensure effective internal systems are in place which support employee development and provide evidence of their competence. A Competence Management and Assurance process – if correctly developed and applied – provides employees and organisations with the tools to demonstrate competence and contributes to career development of the individual.


This course focuses on Competence Management Systems (CMS) which are typically in use within the energy industry, their structure and process development requirements. In addition, the course details the assessment process, the role of the competency assessors within the organisation and the relationship between competence management and training provision.

Key takeaways

  • Role of competencies in the energy industry

  • Benefits of Competency Management System to the organisation

  • Components of a Competency of Competency Management System

  • Learn how to implement the Competency Management System

  • Roles and responsibilities within the Competency Management System

  • Ensure Competency Assurance Management works

  • Develop Competency Models

  • Relationship between Competency Management and Capability Development

  • Understand how to conduct Organisational Analysis

  • Discover how to conduct Job Analysis and Task Analysis

  • Develop Competency Standards and Development Guides using the 70:20:10 principle

  • Competency assessment process, tools and methodologies

  • Recognise the importance of communication of the Competency Assessment Reports

  • Competency Management Case Studies in the energy industry

Who should attend?

  • Human Resource Professionals

  • Staff Development Practitioners

  • Learning & Development Staff

  • Competency Development Professionals

Early Fee: USD 1295

Standard Fee: USD 1695

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