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This course focuses on a different aspects of the ‘end-to-end chain of network Security’. It is designed to help administrators understand these technologies and so improve design and diagnostic skills.


The course presents the protocols and processes that underpin several major aspects if IT infrastructure rather than focusing on the software layer that administrators see on a daily basis (the layer that is an implementation of those protocols). Where specific examples of software are useful, the course uses the Microsoft Windows platform.


This approach gives attendees a deeper understanding that will help them design, implement, manage and secure any software based on the underlying process. For example: learning how changes in network packets occur in transit will allow the attendee to work more capably with any router or firewall product.


Course labs are group discussions on how the protocols being taught manifests in corporate infrastructure.

Course Overview


Anchor 1
  • Understanding networking

  • Firewall and gateway functionality

  • Encryption and Public key infrastructure

  • Hierarchal Administrative Authority

  • Client and server configuration to minimize specific threats


Course labs are group discussions on how the protocols being taught manifests in corporate infrastructure – for example we would discuss and map out:


  • How the header data in a packet flowing across the network changes as it passes through a firewall

  • How encryption keys are generated, exchanged and protected in a Kerberos (logon) interaction and how this relates to the recently publicised ‘Golden ticket Attack’.

Key Highlights
Anchor 2
  • CISO

  • Security Director

  • Network Security Manager / Officer

  • Security Analyst / Engineer

  • System/IT Administrator

  • Security Administrator

  • Security Architect / Engineer

  • Compliance Officer / Auditor

  • Developer

Designed For
Anchor 3
Course Leader
Anchor 4

Dominic Bland is a technical architect, auditor and seminar leader of 25 years’ experience in the design, implementation and security of Windows infrastructure. He was an independent consultant for 14 years before founding RKeyTec Ltd as Technical Director in 2005. He has both wide and deep understanding of Windows platform architecture, but specialised over the last 15 years in Active Directory as the core of Windows infrastructure security and environmental control. He is the designer of the DSEvolution Active Directory pre-fabrication system.


He is a Microsoft Certified Architect of 18 years, and an early CISSP. He has designed and implemented secure infrastructure for many global organisations in all industry sectors including banking, education, military and legal. He is the infrastructure specialist for a well-known incident response team, and independent infrastructure auditor.


Dominic taught internally at Microsoft and been published on topics such as the future of directory services and technical risk assessment.

Dominic Bland
International Computer & Network Security Expert and Microsoft Certified Architect
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