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CSR Strategy (English/French)

Corporate Responsibility is an intermediate intermediate-level training course on designing and managing CSR strategies, programmes and campaigns. It provides a solid grounding in the practice and communication of socially responsible business. You will learn to design and manage a CSR strategy through which your organisation can express its values and secure its future through a sustainable mutual partnership with employees, stakeholders and communities.

What will you achieve?​

  • Coherent sound approaches to social responsibility

  • Quantify long-term practical and reputational benefits of CSR for your organisation

  • Assess the PR risks and opportunities attached to CSR

  • Define he fundamentals of good social responsibility communications

  • Design and implement a CSR strategy for your organisation

  • Plan effective community and employee engagement programmes and campaigns

  • Leverage the results of CSR activity through effective communication

  • Articulate and justify the rationale for your CSR programme

  • Understand environmental, human capital and corporate strategy risk mitigation implications

  • Appreciate Risk Mitigation Social Return on Investment (SROI) Systems 


Who should attend?

This course is recommended for managers, executives, communication and PR professionals required to design, manage or evaluate CSR strategies, campaigns or activities

Early Fee: USD 995 

Standard Fee: USD 1395

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