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Cyber Terrorism & Cyber Attack      

Cyber-attacks are certain to increase & they are transitioning from disruptive to destructive. No matter what you call those current attacks: Cybervandalism, cyberterrorism, cyberwarfare, the questions remains – are you ready? Learn how your business or organisation (government agency, financial institution, media etc) can prevent cyber terrorism, secure networks, cyberspace and critical infrastructure & stop the next attack!


This training will provide delegates with a solid understanding the systemic issues of cyber-attack, it’s motivations attack methodologies & defences, and the impact of cyber-attack. It will include the tools, technologies, policies, methodologies to understand cybersecurity, intelligence, and countermeasures & their related roles in the direct threats posed by cyber-attacks.


The threats posed by cyber-attack to our digital world and technical infrastructure are real, immediate and can have devastating impact. Today’s infrastructure is aggressively targeted with attacks increasing rapidly in incidence, complexity, and severity each year, e.g Sony in 2015. As our dependence on digital frameworks increases and develops we are more reliant on information technologies and more exposed to attackers, both foreign and domestic. These attacks can threaten our nation’s economy, public works, safety, communication systems, and computer networks. The fusion of business and security within any organisation is driven through sound leadership.


This training provides the common ground essential for the development and delivery of realistic approaches and strategies to effectively integrate cyber security, information’s assurance, policy, intelligence into business goals and objectives.

Course Objectives​

  • Understand key trends and issues that impact cyber defence, e.g. at the time when cyber-jihadists are trying to take down critical infrastructure – power stations, air traffic control systems and more

  • Cyber-attacks are inexpensive and easy to pull off, yet the cost to the victims can easily reach hundreds of millions of dollars, not including reputational damage, loss of customer confidence, and increased scrutiny by regulators and oversight agencies - Learn how to prevent such cyber-attacks from happening

  • Ensure that cyberdefenses provide near real-time updates, employ behavioral models that automatically detect anomalous activity on a corporate network, and can automatically respond to potential attacks

  • Make sure your corporations have situational awareness of their networks, and better assessments of threats both within and among networks to detect any vulnerabilities

  • Improve communication between Intelligence and security to combat cyber terrorism

  • Understand key challenges in fighting cyber-attack & stopping the next attack

  • Learn why breaches happen, what to do about them, and how to prevent them

  • Gain insight on cyber terrorism tools, techniques, and methodologies

  • Resolve cybersecurity challenges and implement counter measure strategies to combat cyber terrorism in your organization

Who should attend?


  • CISO

  • Chief Legal/Audit/Risk/ Compliance Officers

  • Security Director

  • Head, Corporate Infrastructure/Network Security & Architecture

  • Senior Network Security/Systems Officer

  • Cyber Security Manager/Officer

  • Security Analyst / Engineer

  • SOC Analyst

  • Cyber Threat Analyst

  • CERT Member

  • System/IT Administrator

  • Security Administrator

  • Security Architect / Engineer

  • Compliance Officer / Auditor

  • Developer

  • Auditor

  • Marketing & Strategy Officer

  • Intelligence Officer

  • Head, Corporate Business Continuity

  • Information Security Officer

Early Fee: USD 995

Standard Fee: USD 1395

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