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Energy Storage & Battery Integration to Power Systems      

The course covers the main aspects of Energy Storage facilities including types and operating requirements for an integrated, reliable and stable power system. The course will help professionals in the planning and operation of a power system with increasing penetration of renewable resources in particularly solar and wind. The characteristics of battery storage and renewable resources are discussed from a local, consumer and a system perspective highlighting the ever-changing model for delivery energy to customers.


The course presents the technical challenges associated with interconnecting and integrating safely and reliably solar power onto the electricity grid. State of the art technology in inverters are discussed along with case studies from the international community are presented through case studies. Effects of Smart Grids and Distributed Generation challenges are discussed throughout the course. Distributed Generation are analysed in sufficient technical and financial level of detail to cover integration of RE with the focus on energy storage.

Course Takeaways​

  • Control and operation of battery storage (BS) facilities

  • The technical characteristics of wind and solar resources

  • How renewables with battery storage integrate with the T&D networks

  • Renewables as distributed generation

  • The lifecycle of solar and wind projects from approval phase to connection to the grid

  • Example and challenges of BS

  • Smart Grid solutions changing the resiliency Distribution networks

Who should attend?

  • Power System Managers

  • Transmission and Distribution Operation Staff

  • Planning & Engineering Managers in Electric Utility Generation

Early Fee: USD 995

Standard Fee: USD 1395

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