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Enhancing Your Organisation’s  Preparedness Plans 

Being prepared against terror threats entails a set of learned skills and behaviours. It requires individuals and organisations to plan and take active steps to prepare for emergencies. These preventive measures help organisations to respond effectively. They can also reduce the impact of the crises, thereby aiding the affected parties to return to normalcy as quickly as possible. The following steps can enhance your organisation’s preparedness plans.

What will you achieve?​

  • Learn how to establish a Preparedness Team to take charge of the planning of the organisation’s preparedness plans (policies and procedures)

  • Develop the Preparedness Plans

  • Identify Potential Threats

  • Develop Protective Action Response Procedures

  • Establish a Communications Plan

  • Develop a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

  • Designate a point of contact (POC) with the authorities

  • Prepare your staff to be familiar with preparedness plans


Who should attend?

Senior, Mid Management and Managers across industries

Early Fee: USD 995 

Standard Fee: USD 1395

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