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Activities in the broader energy industries including exploration, production, refining, petrochemical, drilling and transportation, involve high risk and even with the most careful precautions, incidents and crises can happen at any time. When hydrocarbons leak, pipes burst, oil rigs collapse or waterways are fouled, corporate reputations can be tarred for years. In addition, scrutiny from the local and state government, media, investors, customers, regulators, environmentalists and public stakeholders often adds to the tension and complication in defusing a crisis. In such situations, emergency response is fast moving, often dangerous and can be chaotic. To avoid the latter, attendance on this course is essential.


The range of potential incidents and emergencies which could affect, disrupt, or stress production are increasing. If managed correctly then not all these incidents will be critical or could be treated as a crisis, but those which result in significant losses, or put increased demand on the organisation will have serious consequences for the company, the company’s stakeholders, the country and the reputation of all those involved in the response.


This three days intensive masterclass will be punctuated by graphic case studies, group discussions, videos and realistic, hands-on exercises based on the oil, gas and related industries. Delegates will be encouraged  at  all  stages of  the  course   to  apply  the  knowledge  they  have  gained  in  practical situations.


Course attendance may earn CPD (Continued Professional Development) points recognised by appropriate International Professional bodies.

Course Overview


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  • Master a practical approach to identify how, why and when emergencies and crises appear in your organization and manage their consequences

  • Evaluate the latest listing of potential perilous risks to the energy industry

  • Develop effective emergency, contingency and continuity strategies, procedures & policies and define responsibilities

  • Apply best practice in organizing Emergency Communications Centre (ECC), Emergency Response (ERT) and Crisis Management Teams (CMT) to their best advantage

  • Develop methods on how to avoid unnecessary escalation, how to design command & control response to each scenario

  • Understand how to enhance on-scene leadership capabilities and techniques

  • Identify the role of human factors in accident investigation, resource allocation, deployment, discipline and leadership

  • Learn how to deal with the media & government

  • Establish effective internal and external communications

  • Learn by analysing and appraising industry case studies and table-top exercises with syndicate role-playing

Key Benefits of Attending
this Masterclass
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This masterclass is aimed specifically at those with responsibility for managing incidents, emergencies and crises whether at a Strategic or Tactical level. It will give them practical experience and guidance for dealing with a wide variety of incidents.

  • Ministry and  Government Regulators

  • Crisis, Emergency and Incident Managers

  • Business Continuity Managers

  • Operational Risk Managers

  • Risk Managers

  • Technical Support Managers

  • Security Managers / Planners / Advisors 

  • Project Managers / Strategy Planners / Head of Operations

  • Property and Facilities Management Officers

  • Fire and Security Officers

  • Marketing and Insurance Professionals

  • Safety Professionals


The program will also be beneficial to advocates, solicitors and other legal officers who may be involved in legal reviews regarding emergency events and appointed Regulatory and Enforcement Officers.

Designed For
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Roy has over 30 years’ experience in the management of occupational related risk. He has undertaken an MSc program at the Robens Institute, University of Surrey and holds a Post Graduate   Diploma   in Occupational Safety and Risk Management, the NEBOSH Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health along with a number of professional qualifications related to Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Health.   He is a member   of a  number  of professional bodies,  including  the  Institution of Occupational  Safety and  Health (IOSH), the Institute  of Risk Management (IRM),  the  International  Institute  of Risk and  Safety Management (IIRSM),   American Society  of  Safety  Engineers (ASSE),   and   is a Registered Safety  Practitioner (RSP).


He is also registered in USA as a Certified Professional Environmental Auditor (CPEA) specialising in health and safety. He has under taken training of Enforcement Officers in all aspects of health and safety and legal compliance. Roy is on the  approved  list of health  and  safety  consultant’s  administered  by IOSH and  has  undertaken   both internal  and  external  audits  within the  MOD (Army) and  a  diverse  range  of commercial  and  public organisations  operating  in  the  Food  Processing, Energy  Generation,  Petrochemical,  Process  Manufacturing  Industry,  Hospitality,  Healthcare,  Engineering, Property/Construction and  Local Government sectors.


Roy has  delivered  risk management  training  programs for Texaco, Fina Elf, ADNOC, KPC, Saudi Aramco, Bapco, VELA, Pertamina, Toyo-Thai, PDO, ENOC, Dry Docks World and ENAFOR and  is a  registered  tutor  for IOSH,  NEBOSH and CIEH  accreditations. 


He has also undertaken extensive training and consultancy support in the area of business risk management and has provided expert witness support with respect to Emergency Management and supported UK Enforcement Officers (EO) Degree programs including training EO’s in Emergency Management techniques.  Roy holds a number  of citations and honors including the MBE, following high  profile  involvement  in  disaster  management  and  relief  while in  military  service  with the British Army.

Course Leader
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Roy Bedson 



Taj Cape Town Hotel

Wale St

Cape Town 8001, South Africa

Tel: +27 (0)21 819 2000 

Fax: +27 (0)21 819 2001



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