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Financing Modelling, Forecasting  & Costing for Business Excellence 

Financial Management is at the heart of running a successful business. It affects aspects such as

raising capital, managing cash flow and tracking business performance to ensure that this is can

almost make the most out of the opportunities that come their way. Hence, it is important to utilise the best financing strategies to ensure a successful and sustainable business.


This training course will provide you with the essential financial modelling skills to analyse and manage risk and business performance in the turbulent conditions of our times. In today’s globally competitive world decision-makers face unprecedented levels of risk and uncertainty and traditional financial analysis and forecasting tools do not provide the flexibility and responsiveness to manage in these demanding conditions


Course Objectives​

  • Highlighting how financial management can help your business and how to obtain the financial capabilities you need

  • Planning for capital needs

  • Understanding your financial options

  • Selecting sources of finance for business

  • Mastering the tools and techniques of financial analysis

  • Improving forecasting quality and minimising error

  • Models and techniques for managing risk and uncertainty

  • Applying financial modelling techniques to investment decision-making

Who should attend?

  • Financial Accounting Team Members

  • Cost & Management Accounting Managers

  • Finance Managers

  • Planning Managers

  • Commercial Managers

  • Capital Investment & Project Team Members

  • Senior Management

Early Fee: USD 1295

Standard Fee: USD 1695

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