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What’s the Future for Australian Mining Exploration?  

Globally, greenfield exploration has experienced a significant dip, with the majority of efforts centered around existing projects. With this trend echoed in Australia, the country’s reputation on the global stage is mixed - from emerging mining sector with new mines for specialty metals to mature sector with limited exploration potential.


Australia as an exploration destination has a lot going for it in terms of existing infrastructure and sound judicial and financial systems. The regulatory environment, although still with certain uncertainties, has improved since two years ago with much better interaction between the industry and regulators.


It is not only in traditional metals that the Australia’s resources sector has potential. It also plays host to deposits of minerals that are becoming increasingly important to meet new technological demands – such as rare earths, heavy minerals, and industrial minerals. Taking advantage of these newly popular materials is a clear development opportunity for industry members.


There is nothing better to incentivise exploration than increases in price on the back of increased demand, as is evident from the lithium exploration spree. As a continent endowed with a concentration of commodities which could play an active role in the energy transition such as PGM’s, manganese, and vanadium,  Australia is uniquely placed to drive commercialising of new battery technologies. If widely rolled out, these new uses could fuel demand, increase prices and eventually lead to increased exploration.

Key Takeaways

  • Exploring current exploration trends in Australia

  • Which commodities are “hot” now?

  • How to revive the industry?

  • The role of geological & surveying data

  • How the government can push the exploration projects forward?

  • Multi stakeholders relations

  • Is technology the key to the future of exploration?

  • Importance of new trends

Who should attend?

  • Senior Management

  • Mid Management

  • HR Personnel

  • Investor Relations Managers

  • Business Development Managers

  • Marketing Managers

  • Engineering and Technical Staff

Early Fee: USD 595

Standard Fee: USD 795

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