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The participants of this masterclass will gain a comprehensive knowledge of well control theory and master the practical skills required to apply this knowledge to most well control situations. They will be prepared for the International Well Control Forum (IWCF) test program.


Well control training is the training required to prevent situations where loss of control of primary and/or secondary well barrier will result in blow-out or other catastrophic events. Advanced well control course therefore covers all aspects of well engineering and operations from well designers, through the drilling crew, well service crew and service personnel.


This three days intensive IWCF Surface & Subsea Advanced Well Control masterclass is run by a highly experienced IWCF instructor and utilises an effective blend of classroom theory, individual exercises, group discussion and case histories for addressing specific well control challenges and lessons learnt.

Course Overview


Course Overview
  • Learn about geology essentials and the origin of the formation pressure 

  • Gain good understanding of drilling operations, safety and maintenance of wells

  • Master well bore static and dynamic pressures and study why it is essential to maintain an overbalanced condition in the well

  • Become familiar with preventative well control measures, recognition of well control events, volume of well control parameters and proper response to observations & measurements

  • Become skilled at pressure detection and kick avoidance

  • Comprehend  why awareness, communications and teamwork are essential in preventing and dealing with a well control incident

  • Understand gas expansion, fracture pressure and kick tolerance in the context of well control and design

  • Gain knowledge of blowout prevention equipment techniques to stop unwanted formation fluids in the wellbore

  • Get hands-on training in proper well control methods & procedures

  • Learn about the principles of operating the well control equipment (BOP, diverter, accumulators, mud gas separators etc.), common problems and troubleshooting

  • Explore well planning, fingerprinting and control procedures used in deepwater and HPHT applications

Key Benefits of Attending
this Masterclass
Key benefits

The course is designed for operational and engineering personnel involved in drilling / workover / well control operations with Surface or Subsea BOP stack seeking to further develop their knowledge and expertise:

  • Drilling Engineer

  • Drilling Manager

  • Drilling Supervisor

  • Drilling Superintendents

  • Managers, Operations Integrity Management System

  • Toolpushers

Designed For
Designed for

Fayez Makkar is a highly accomplished independent drilling & workover consultant with over 37 years experience in the petroleum industry.  He has extensive background in workover, completion design and logging interpretation in directional and horizontal wells.  Fayez has vast experience in all types of drilling operations including deep wells in both offshore and onshore oil, gas and H2S wells.


Fayez has consulted oil and gas majors including Saudi Arabian Oil Company Aramco, Arabian Drilling Company (ADC), Abu Dhabi National Oil Corporation (ADNOC), Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO), Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC), Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC Group), Eni S.p.A., Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company (GNPOC), as well as White Nile Petroleum Operating Company, Petro Energy E&P, Petrodar Operating Company, Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO), Petro Aris Energy and  Iraq Drilling Company (IDC) among others.


Fayez has worked with a wide range of organisations - both nationally and internationally – supervising the drilling and workover of more than 180 personnel, establishing maintenance programs to avoid down time and loss of production, preparing comprehensive well evaluation plans and other engineering studies that include pore pressure and fracture gradient predictions, drilling hazards and mitigation planning, HSE plans, emergency intervention plans and applying all international regulations regarding the environmental pollution.


He holds IWCF certificate and other professional certifications from The University of Texas at Austin, American University in Cairo and INTEX.

Course Leader
Course Leader
Eng. Fayez Makkar
International Drilling &
Workover Expert

Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel

76 Orange St

Cape Town 8001, South Africa

Tel: +27 21 483 1000

Fax: +27 21 483 1929


Web: mount-nelson-hotel-cape-town/


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