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Leadership & Team Dynamics in Oil & Gas         

One of the main challenges for today’s managers is effectively leading and successfully communicating vision that inspires employees to perform. Good leadership engages people and employees who feel both engaged and enabled contribute to higher levels of growth and productivity. They will remain longer with the organisation, perform better and ultimately deliver better service to your customers.


This training course will equip you with key skills that you can utilise to maximise your staff’s performance in line with the company’s objectives.


This interactive course will also empower you with strategic approaches to overcome the people challenges that you may encounter while enabling you to optimise your business strategies successfully.

Key Takeaways

  • Enhance your personal effectiveness and decision-making

  • Learn how to boost your influencing capability

  • Inspire enthusiasm, motivation and commitment

  • Communicate effectively across a multi-cultural team

  • Nurture your relationships and strengthen your team

  • Develop an empowering partnership team culture

Who should attend?

Anyone involved in leading a business unit or a project team can attend. It covers relationships with host governments, contractors, suppliers and local communities which constitute critical alliances for the development of a project. 

This course is essential for team leaders, supervisors or managers from the following functions:

  • Project management engineers from various technical disciplines

  • Ad-hoc or special project team leaders in legal, technical & financial disciplines

  • Country managers or business development officers of contractors

  • JV management executives or officers

  • Government officials or industry liaison officers

  • Procurement or contracts executives or officers

Early Fee: USD 1295

Standard Fee: USD 1695

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