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How can Mining Companies Protect Themselves from Cyber-Attacks? 

A recent report from EY reveals that 97% of mining companies admit their current cybersecurity systems do not meet their needs, despite 55% of mining operators experiencing a significant cybersecurity incident in 2016. Do mining companies need to wake up to the cyber threat?


Cybersecurity is paramount for companies in all industries, with global breaches predicted to cost $6tn by 2023, more than double the figure in 2015. But despite the importance of effective cybersecurity for the mining and mineral sectors, the industry has been slow to react, instead taking an “ad hoc” approach, according to a new study by EY.


This training examines the stance that mining companies take on cybersecurity and highlights that more should be done to raise awareness across the mining industry and the fact that cyber risk in mining companies is a real risk and that there are significant gaps in many organisations that need attention.


As the industry becomes increasingly digitalised, with automation taking over mine sites and artificial intelligence and big data increasing efficiency, the cyber threat will only continue to grow.


Change, however, is not coming quickly enough, leaving the mining industry vulnerable. 

Key Takeaways

  • How cyber threats impact the mining value chain and examples of scenarios

  • Prospecting and exploring | Theft of geophysical surveys research reports and feasibility studies

  • Developing | Misappropriation of intellectual property such as production and processing methods, chemical formula or custom software

  • Mining | Unauthorized access to and manipulation of automated equipment, breach of GPS deployment system or breach of the mine monitoring system

  • Processing | Interruption or tampering with operational controls

  • Marketing | Theft of pricing data and customer information.

  • Understanding cyber-security risks

  • Conducting a maturity assessment

  • Building a unified program to address cyber security systematically across the business and operations with the same objective in mind: moving up the maturity scale to create an ICS environment that is secure, vigilant, and resilient.

  • Implementing key controls: awareness training, access control, network security, portable media and incident response

  • Embracing good governance

Who should attend?

  • Senior Management

  • Mid Management

  • HR Personnel

  • IT Directors

  • Security Directors/Managers

  • Operations Directors/Managers

  • Business Development Managers

  • Marketing Managers

  • Engineering and Technical Staff

Early Fee: USD 995

Standard Fee: USD 1395

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