Raising Capital: The Process, Players & Strategic Consideration

28 - 29 May 2020

An organisation should know how to choose between debt and equity funding and when to consider

acquiring funds from capital markets. These external funding sources will have their own expectations for rates of return, and the cost of this funding is driven by external factors such as the state of the economy and the industry.


Making sound capital budgeting and funding decisions is vital, and this module describes how

characteristics of capital markets impact the process and prospects of raising capital. Highlights

include how to observe external economic data and develop strategies to balance debt and equity.


Course Objectives​

To view the process of raising capital in a broad context regarding the mix of capital and the process of entering into capital markets. To understand why changes in the industry and in the economy are important to investment and financing decisions in an organization. 


The following topics will be covered:

  • Financing Choices and the Debt-Irrelevance Proposition

  • Factoring Taxes into the Financing Decision

  • Financial Distress Costs

  • Factoring Transaction Costs into the Financing Decision

Who should attend?

  • Finance, Cost & Project Managers

  • Budget Managers

  • Team Leaders

  • Business Advisors

  • Financial Controllers

  • Senior Management

Early Fee: USD 999 (Book & Pay by 28/04/2020)

Standard Fee: USD 1,299 (After 28/04/2020)

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