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Smart meters can combine a range of environmental, financial and service quality benefits for all stakeholders in the utility sector. Energy companies are now developing either government-led or market driven smart meter infrastructures and roll-out plans. Ensuring the economic viability of a smart meter roll-out is vital. Various scenarios and market developments need to be considered carefully. This must-attend three-day training course offers insightful review of past, current and future roll-out plans, and enables participants to design the frameworks for a successful smart meter roll-out. Balancing the initial investment with ongoing benefits and costs will ensure a profitable operation of modern grids, and favourable outcomes for customers. 

Course Overview


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This training course will be valuable to participants to:

  • Identify the right time to prepare and conduct a smart meter roll-out plan effectively

  • Analyse the structure and dynamics of different roll-out plans and scenarios to maximise their economic viability

  • Discover how smart meters enable network and retail energy tariffs and pricing, to exploit business development and commercial opportunities, and also satisfy the needs of consumers

  • Understand the demands of the industry, regulators, governments and consumers, to address stakeholders’ expectations and concerns

  • Learn about the uses of smart metering data, while gaining insights into data protection and privacy issues that arise with smart metering data 

Key Benefits of Attending
this Masterclass
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Energy industry professionals who are seeking to gain a strategic overview of the concepts and methodologies, alongside practical tips and advice for planning and developing smart meter infrastructures and commercial grid analysis, including:

  • Smart Meter Project Managers

  • Smart Grid Consultants

  • Consultant Engineers

  • Meter Asset Co-ordinators

  • Smart Meter Interventions Planning Managers

  • Business Analysts

  • Smart Meter Deployment Business Analysts

  • Programme Managers

  • Technology Managers

  • Grid Planners

  • Investment Analysts

  • Smart Solution Analysts

  • Instrumentation and Control Managers



Managers, advisors and experts in a range of organisations including:

  • Power generation, transmission and distribution companies

  • Governments, regulators and market operators

  • Industry associations

  • Consultancies 

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Course Leader
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Mövenpick Hotel Karachi

Club Road P.O. Box 3918

75530  Karachi, Pakistan

Tel: +92 21 356 333 33



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