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What benefits will I enjoy as a sponsor?

Spire Events creates a perfect platform for you to reach a targeted audience, expand your commercial network and increase business opportunities. Refreshment breaks, networking lunches and social events allow you to meet with delegates, speakers and other industry experts.


In addition, our integrated marketing promotions guarantee you extensive, international exposure, and the thematic venue design makes you highly visible at the event. Event sponsorship is your most effective, all-in-one marketing strategy to achieve guaranteed results and business success.


How do I register for the conference?

Please send full details in an Excel sheet of each guest and additional delegates to the Operations Manager in charge of your event.


Can I bring any guests?

Yes. Complimentary delegate and customer passes are included in each sponsorship package. You may register your guests by utilising the complimentary passes.


Are there any discounts for my clients?

Yes. Sponsors are entitled to enjoy up to a 20% discount, subject to sponsorship level, to purchase additional delegate passes for your guests.


What happens on the day?

Sponsors will be advised of arrival and set-up times in the exhibitor manual. We will prepare passes to be ready upon your arrival. The equipment provided will be based on the agreed sponsorship package. If you need additional equipment, please place your order prior to the event.


How do I send materials to the venue?

An exhibitor manual  will detail when and where your materials should be sent. A shipping label is included in the manual for your easy reference. Please inform us of the number of boxes so that we can follow up with the venue on your behalf. Please send your materials to the venue approximately 5 days before the event.


Will my sponsorship package include accommodation and travel expenses?

Accommodation and travel expenses are not usually covered. However, we have negotiated a reduced room rate for the hotel accommodation.


What are the payment terms and conditions?

All sponsorship fees, in general, shall be settled ten (10) days from the invoice date or ten (10) calendar days before the event, whichever is earlier. An invoice will be issued to the sponsor upon receipt of a signed agreement. Spire Events shall have no contractual obligation to the sponsor until it receives and accepts the offer with an authorised signature. If a sponsored event is cancelled, Spire Events will refund the sponsorship fee paid, less 25% for marketing and logistical expenses. Alternatively, the sponsor can apply the full sponsorship fee to the rescheduled event or another event within 12 months from the signing date of the agreement.


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