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Understanding the actual training needs of staff members is an important requirement if training programs and learning activities are going to lead to improved individual and organisational performance.


Many commentators are pointing to training as an important element in an organisation’s response to the tough economic times.


This course concentrates on the knowledge and skills required for successful training needs analysis. It covers what is involved and how it is done.


Executives and managers need to plan their approach. They also need to adapt and make adjustments as the training needs analysis (TNA) project progresses. This course covers the formal and informal environments plus the many skills and competencies required. It covers both small and large scale TNA projects.


Participants will be prepared for training needs analysis at a variety of organisation levels. Participants will embark on new training needs analysis projects with increased confidence.

  • Prepare for training needs analysis projects at a variety of levels – simple to complex situations.

  • Weigh up the strengths and weaknesses of each situation.
  • Assess the big picture and the detail, and work out the best approach or approaches.
  • Build trust, rapport and empathy so that the results are valid and worthwhile
  • Seek the right information that will set up good training design.
  • Conduct TNA projects in a timely and effective manner
  • Adapt quickly to changed circumstances and new information.
  • Avoid common pitfalls and traps
  • Achieve good outcomes for themselves and their organisation.
Key Benefits of Attending
this Masterclass
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The program is for senior managers and executives from a variety of disciplines in both the government and private sector. They can be line managers or human resource or training managers and specialists. Anyone charged with the responsibility of developing people will benefit from this program.

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Derek has been designing and conducting training programs for over 25 years. He conducts training programs designed to improve individual and organisational performance.


He has conducted various training needs analysis projects, as well as related activities - skills audits, skills profiling, position description writing, process and systems reviews, competency standard development, workforce planning. The largest Training Needs Analysis (TNA) project was for 6500 employees (electricity industry) - a distributed workforce located throughout Victoria. Derek and his trainers regularly conduct TNA activities as part of the in-house training process with clients.


He has worked with employees at all levels, including managers and executives from technical, sales, administrative and other professional backgrounds, including senior managers from the Asia- Pacific area.


In addition, he has a good understanding of the organisational issues that apply in a wide variety of industries. A training needs analysis project cannot be considered as standalone – it relates to many aspects of organisational development.


Derek talks specifically about the projects and issues of participants. As far as is possible, you will spend time discussing real issues, problems and challenges that you face.


Course Leader
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Derek Stockley
Executive training and performance management specialist
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