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Workforce Planning Masterclass  

Workforce planning is rapidly emerging as an essential activity for HR to engage in if it is to increase strategic contribution and drive talent and business outcomes. So how can HR practitioners start to derive the benefits of workforce planning in their own organisations?

The Workforce Planning masterclass will help you analyse the workforce, develop a strategy to match demand for staff with the right people at the right time, and create a plan for talent management and retention.

Course Objectives​

Analyse your workforce and develop a people strategy to match supply and demand for staff in line with business needs:

  • The strategy of workforce planning 

  • Identifying opportunities for adding value

  • Developing the HR model

  • Demand planning

  • Employee engagement

  • Talent retention

  • Foundations for effective succession planning

  • Constructing the workforce plan


Who should attend?

Workforce Planning is suitable for you if you're currently involved in HR and recruitment services within your organisation or if you're interested in increasing your potential to deliver more powerful and longer-lasting results in strategic planning.

Early Fee: USD 995

Standard Fee: USD 1395

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