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Introduction to Spire Events 

We make events happen - be it conference, exhibition or training. Our vision is to be a leading world class events organiser. We remain committed to quality content and incorporate an international dimension through our global events. 

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Our Focus: Investment, Mining, Energy & Technology 

Mining provides essential minerals needed for our society - be it roads, automobiles, electricity generation, computers or other goods and services that consumers use. It is also economically important to producing countries and regions.


However, there is a need to transit to clean energy and mitigate the effects of climate change. Hence responsible sourcing and processing, green investment economy, as well as focus on critical minerals are key in the global energy market’s transition to a low-carbon economy. 

Investment and financing are thus vital in sustaining mining and energy projects in the short and long term. 

Our events are spread across the globe - from our base in Asia out to Australia, Europe, Africa and Americas. We organise conferences, expos and conduct bespoke conferences and training. We believe in the importance of understanding the gaps in the industry and are thus constantly coming up with new events to meet these industry demands.  

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Our Global Reach


Our People 

Our global team members incorporate their events industry experience with cultural understanding of the different geographical regions which our clients are based in. That is how we incorporate professionalism with a sense of personal touch in our work. 

Latest Updates

Australian Energy Transition Summit to launch in Adelaide, Australia in August 2024 


9th Mining Investment Asia Conference & Exhibition in Singapore continues its success 

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Critical Minerals Conference to debut in Tokyo, Japan in September 2024 

Our Upcoming Events

Critical Minerals & Energy Investment Europe 

Frankfurt, Germany 

24 - 25 June 2024

Critical Minerals & Energy Investment Europe Conference and Exhibition is Europe’s only event dedicated to critical minerals sector discussing all aspects of exploration opportunities for traditional and emerging commodities, investment strategies, development of new technologies from mobile phones to fighter jets, critical infrastructure, transport, security & renewable energy. This premier event looks at key elements to responsible sourcing and processing, green investment economy, as well as hydrogen that plays a crucial role in the global energy market’s transition to a low-carbon economy

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