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Our Areas of Specialisation

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Mining & Mineral Resources

Mining provides essential minerals needed for our society - be it roads, automobiles, electricity generation, computers or other goods and services that consumers use. It is also economically important to producing countries and regions.


However, mining has its fair share of negative publicity and there are challenges the industry has to overcome e.g. in the area of ESG. 


Energy powers our society, be it fossil fuel, electrical power, nuclear or renewables. As fossil fuels are a major contributor towards pollution and global warming, many economies are now investing in renewables and sustainable energy. Our conferences highlight this global shift in the energy sector. 

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Finance and Investment 

Financiers and investors power many industries worldwide, including mining and energy sector. However, this pool of funding is finite and companies have to attract investors with solid projects that are profitable or meet certain industry regulatory standards to qualify for funding. 

The challenge is that whilst larger corporations are more adaptable and have more resources to meet these requirements, smaller companies often face hurdles in seeking such funding. 


The benefits of technology in human society across history is evident. From the times of Industrial Revolution to modern technology like AI, it has transformed society and promoted innovation and efficiency in industries. 


However, technology is a double-edged sword which can also cause more harm than good. Hence besides highlighting how to harness technology, our events address these inherent risks and how to mitigate them across industries.  

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