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Spire Events is committed to being an ethical business and takes steps to ensure this is extended throughout the business. Below is a brief overview of some of the measures we have in place.


Business Gifts and Hospitality

The giving or receiving of gifts and hospitality can build understanding and expand relationships in everyday business life, but it can also cause a conflict of interest between personal interest and professional duty. Inappropriate gifts and hospitality may erode the confidence and trust of others in Spire Event’s business decisions, management and Spire Events itself, or appear to be unfair to other stakeholders. 


Other than ordinary business meals, preferably in group setting, and small tokens of appreciation (eg, stationery, calendars and other corporate gifts from External Parties), employees are advised to decline all Gifts and/or Business Entertainment which may reasonably be seen to compromise their personal judgment and/or integrity.


In the case where the Employee is unable to decline Business Entertainment owing to cultural or commercial sensitivities, the Employee(s) benefiting from the Business Entertainment shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner that does not compromise the reputation and integrity of Spire Events and themselves. Entertainment may also be offered or accepted in the ordinary course of business provided it is reasonable and not excessive and neither influences the recipient’s objectivity nor could be construed as a means to make the recipient feel obligated. 


Gifts over the value of SGD 100 (or local currency equivalent) that cannot be returned to the external party must be reported to HR who will ensure it is recorded in the Gifts Register and decide if it may be kept or not. Perishable Gift item(s), such as festive snacks, may be distributed to the Employees in the department or be used in company events.


We require our individual employees, agents, sponsors, intermediaries, consultants or any other people or bodies associated with Spire Events or any of our subsidiaries and employees to comply with the above principles and to put in place procedures that will assist and enable them to do so, and expects all its employees to act in accordance with them.


Political Donations

Financial or in kind donations are not permitted to political parties anywhere in the world.



We are committed to free and fair competition and will compete strongly but honestly complying with all local competition laws.



We will not condone the offering or receiving of bribes or other such facilitating payments to any person or entity for the purpose of obtaining or retaining business or influencing political decisions. Charitable contributions must not be used as a way of concealing a bribe.


Confidentiality and Accuracy of Information

The confidentiality of information received in the course of business will be safeguarded and respected, and never used for personal gain. False information will not be given in the course of commercial negotiations.


Conflict of Interest

Any personal interest, which may prejudice, or might reasonably be deemed by others, to prejudice the impartiality of employees must be formally declared to a senior manager.

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