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Spire Events Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


Our business is driven by shared beliefs and our core values of Passion, Care, Imagination and Trust which ensure the commitment of all those involved to everything we do.  We recognise that we must integrate our business values and operations to meet the expectations of our stakeholders.  They include employees, customers, suppliers, the community and the environment.   We aim to establish a rewarding working environment for our employees and an awareness of the wider community.


Our core activity is the staging of conferences and trainings and we are aware of the negative impact this industry can have on the environment.  We are therefore committed to working closely with our chosen venues and contractors, as well as our exhibitors, to minimise the impact of our events wherever possible.


We are committed to the following CSR principles:

  • We believe in caring for our employees and are committed to delivering a competitive and fair employment environment with the opportunity to advance.

  • We are passionate about developing our culture of learning and achievement to give us the knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviours and experience to achieve high performance and results and also to help build our careers and CVs.


We believe:

  • in diversity in job experience

  • opportunities will always be there

  • every person has potential

  • in supporting peoples' desire to grow and develop

  • in achievement through learning

  • in committing to thinking and acting in ways that match our values


We consistently deliver success for the business and our people through a variety of interactive and engaging learning events for us all.


Our people are supported through:

  • a performance appraisal process and transparent recruitment and promotion practices

  • promotion of healthy work practices

  • review of salaries to ensure that pay is comparable for the work achieve


We consistently deliver success for the business and our people through a variety of interactive and engaging learning events for us all.


We consider teamwork both on a local and on a community level essential to the overall strength of our organisation. We want to positively contribute to the social and economic well being of those communities within which our business operates.

Spire Events Environmental Policy

Our aim is to incorporate environment considerations as part of our broader business objectives.  Throughout the company, employees are actively encouraged to ensure conservation of energy and resources.

Our MD reports to all our staff relating to our formal environmental policy and actively encourages staff to send suggestions on how our impact on the environment could be reduced.

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