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Catch up on the latest buzz from Spire Events, be it new conference launches, past training updates or industry news. 


23 May 2024

Australian Energy Transition Summit to launch in Adelaide, Australia in August 2024

Adelaide will host Australian Energy Transition Summit as South Australia takes pole position as the Country's leading renewable energy powerhouse pioneering the way to a more sustainable future, and on track to meet the target of 100% net renewables by 20230. South Australia is undergoing world leading transformation of renewables in their grid, and a sound track record in navigating technical challenges in renewable integration while maintaining security, reliability and affordability of energy. 

This event will showcase mining & energy companies, technology providers, downstream manufacturers, renewable energy, battery hubs and universities. This connected ecosystem foster strong partnerships that are carving out Australia's position as the renewable energy superpower. 

MI Asia

17 May 2024

9th Edition of Mining Investment Asia Conference & Exhibition in Singapore continues to achieve success

Mining Investment Asia Conference & Exhibition has been the cornerstone of our events at Spire Events for two reasons, namely this was our very first conference back in 2015 and Singapore is where our company HQ is based. 

We have continued to deliver our strong South East Asia focus through this conference - with senior speakers from the region's leading mining associations, companies and investors - sharing their unique insights into what makes South East Asian mining sector tick. 


Furthermore, our global attendees, who have come from afar as Australia, India, UAE, USA and Kazakhstan, share their own experiences with fellow attendees to make this truly an international exchange of mining and investment knowledge and expertise. 


24 April 2024

Critical Minerals North America and Mining Investment London Conferences to have second run in 4Q2024

We wrapped up our successful completion of Mining Investment London and Critical Minerals & Energy Investment North America Conferences in April 2024. It was great to feel the optimism from attendees on the current climate within the mining industry from Europe and North America. 


Henceforth, we will be launching a second run in 4Q2024. Critical Minerals & Energy Investment Conference will return to New York in October 2024 for the Fall Edition while Mining Investment London Conference will return to London in December for the Winter Edition.


We look forward to continuing the discussions on the future, challenges and opportunities ahead for the mining industry. 

Mining Investment Asia Day 2 Photos-172.jpg
Japan Event

1 April 2024

Critical Minerals Conference to debut in Tokyo, Japan in September 2024

We are proud to bring our Critical Minerals Conference Series to Japan for the first time in 2024 in partnership with our event partner International Security Industry Council of Japan (ISIC Japan) and our knowledge partner Greenwich House. 

Critical Minerals are vital to Japan's economic security. Without access to these essential materials, Japan’s famous auto and electronics industries will become irrelevant. However, Japan’s strength in high-tech is offset by its lack of these critical resources, making it virtually dependent on imports. Consequently, the nation’s government, trading companies, mining companies, automobile companies, electronics firms, banks, investment funds, and others are all focused on securing new supplies of strategic minerals around the globe. 

Critical Minerals Japan addresses new technologies, global alliances, end-user demand, national security issues, sustainability, and more, making this event one of the most important in the Indo-Pacific world today. 


20 March 2024

Great Vibes at 2nd Botswana Mining & Energy Conference & Expo (BME) in Gaborone

The scorching heatwave in Botswana did not stifle the enthusiasm of attendees during the 2nd edition of Botswana Mining & Energy Conference & Expo (BME) in Gaborone from 13 - 14 March.  

As the only mining and energy conference and expo in Botswana, it is an event that is anticipated by industry stakeholders in Botswana and beyond. With attendees from Botswana, South Africa, Namibia and further beyond from USA and Mauritius, it was truly an international gathering in Gaborone with a strong Botswana core. 

With the support of Botswana Chamber of Mines and Women in Mining Botswana (WiMBO), it was a great event which showcased the best of Botswana and highlighted pertinent issues the industry faces, including the need for gender diversity. . 

Botswana Event
Brisbane Event

1 March 2024

Successful launch of Critical Minerals & Energy Investment Conference in Brisbane, QLD, Australia in Feb 2024

We successfully expanded our Critical Minerals & Energy Investment Conference in Australia in Brisbane from 26 - 27 February. First held in Perth, WA in 2021, we recognise the potential of mining in Queensland and the need to highlight its mining capabilities.


The support from both Federal and State Governments was evident with Senator Susan McDonald, Shadow Minister for Resources & Northern Australia and Hon Scott Stewart, Minister for Resources and Critical Minerals, Government of Queensland delivering keynote addresses at the event. 

With the support of Women in Sustainable Energy & Resources (WISER), it was a successful event which showcased Queensland and highlighted pertinent issues the industry faces, including the need for gender diversity. . 

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