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The rise in popularity of personal smart devices is making it’s mark on the workplace of today. Users want an environment that is flexible and easy to access from any location and is no longer confined by either physical or perceived boundaries. For most users, ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) is simply about allowing them to use their own devices to connect to the corporate network, but the challenge for the organisation and the IT department is, as always, a little more complex.


BYOD significantly impacts the traditional security model of protecting the perimeter of the IT organization by blurring the definition of that perimeter, both in terms of physical location and in asset ownership. With personal devices now being used to access corporate email, calendars, applications and data; many organizations are struggling with how to fully define the impact to their security posture and establish acceptable procedures and support models that balance both their employees’ needs and their security concerns.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has emerged as a cost-effective solution allowing organisations to adopt a mobile learning approach without having to provide the devices. Here are two potential opportunities associated with delivering learning via employees’ personal devices:

  • Consumer devices are more advanced

  • Organisations can focus budgets on content instead of the delivery method


However, there are several security issues to be considered before adopting BOYD.


This highly practical and informative course will explain the main risks of BYOD when considering your mobile device program, and will propose potential steps to address these risks based on your organization’s current and most urgent challenges. Real life case studies will be discussed throughout the duration of this course.

Course Overview


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It is only a matter of time before BYOD becomes a widely embraced workplace initiative. Employees already use their personal devices within the workplace—a trend that cannot be ignored by employers. The combination of work and play makes the personal smart phone an ideal space for the delivery of learning content and could be leveraged as such.


This course is designed to


  • Create a better understanding of the risks and vulnerabilities with personal device usage

  • Show how the vulnerabilities differ - for the employer, employee and your data

  • Arm you with the knowledge and know how to protect yourself and your staff from Identified threats and vulnerabilities

  • Provide you with an understanding of the necessary policies, procedures and training

  • Highlight how best to balance productivity and profit with BOYD implementation.

Key Highlights
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This masterclass has been developed to help meet the needs of policy and technology users in all types of organizations. Many of the issues surrounding BYOD are evolving quickly, and not much has come into focus to help organizations take action now to respond to new demands. The training will spur discussion and present ideas and options that organizations can use to plot their strategies and build policies. It's essential for anyone in a leadership or technical role in IT who must respond as their community of users adopts new technologies and brings them to the organization.


Within the areas of:

  • Safety

  • Network Security

  • IT

  • Risk Management

  • Project Management

  • Corporate Strategy

Designed For
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Course Leader
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Peter Jones
International Digital Forensic & Security Expert and CISMP Trainer

Peter is an experienced management professional, digital forensic analyst and University Lecturer. Peter’s career started in telecommunications working for one of the UK’s major mobile telecommunications organisations. Since then his career has progress at pace.


As the head of the mobile device Laboratory at Zentek Forensics Limited, he managed a team of outstanding individuals who, under his guidance, provided ground breaking technological solutions and investigation for numerous law enforcement and corporate entities. Regarded as an Expert in the field of Digital telecommunications, Peter has been called upon to provide Expert Witness evidence of opinion on many high profile cases. Currently working as Technical Director with Dynamiq Management Limited and responsible for advising on IT systems and infrastructure, best practice, data management, cyber security and digital system security.


He also works as an associate for First Response Limited and is a one of few Cyber Essentials Consultants assisting organisations with implementation of the GCHQ Cyber Security Protection recommendations.

Peter has an outstanding reputation in digital forensics with a specific focus on mobile phone and tablet forensics and regularly conducts investigations for police forces, defence and private clients. He has been involved in the investigation of a number of high profile criminal and civil cases.


He is CISMP accredited and a CISMP trainer. Peter also holds Master’s degree in Internet and Enterprise Systems and brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise in relation to IT systems and infrastructure, best practice, data management, cyber security and digital system security.

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