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How to Manage a Crisis – How your Company/Industry Can Come Back from Setback?

Crisis management and crisis management planning can protect organizations against complete failure if/when a catastrophic disruption happens. This course explores sudden onset and slow onset crises caused by internal and external issues as well as methods for determining risk to use as a basis for crisis management plans. Delegates will learn about the key elements of crisis management, how to formulate a crisis management plan and how to relate the plan to other continuity plans. Practical matters including how and when to put a crisis management plan into action and determine when a crisis is over are also covered.


This training course combines presentations as well as individual and team activities designed to establish a practical understanding of the elements of crisis management, enabling you to construct, deploy and validate relevant crisis management plans.

What will you achieve?​

  • Understand the distinction between crisis management, recovery and continuity

  • Explain the key features of effective Incident and Crisis Management Plans

  • Describe the type of circumstances where incident and crisis management are relevant

  • Develop incident management and crisis management arrangements for your organization

  • Demonstrate use of Crisis Management Plans to deal with a disaster

  • Manage incidents and organizational crises by following appropriate plans


Who should attend?

Senior, Mid Management and Managers across industries

Early Fee: USD 995 

Standard Fee: USD 1395

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