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First in Asia! This unique course brings together an understanding of general cyber threats but also investigatory and defensive capabilities, with practical elements it's about finding data and exploiting it to break into companies - what attackers can do and what defenders should do.


An exciting and informative course, delivered by a world renowned expert. This course presents a counter-point to the more formal and rigid ISO approach to cyber security. The course is not about firewalls and industry standards - it is about how attackers effectively target and hack organisations without being stopped by expensive technical defences, and without financial backing. The key to almost every effective cyber-attack is exploiting the human workforce. As such, the course concentrates on information security and the power of visible data, rather than the traditional focus on IT security.


The course simultaneously provides candidates with the investigative capabilities to probe the data vulnerabilities in their own staff, corporations and networks - though no technical knowledge is assumed. It is delivered by a former UK intelligence officer who specialises in tracking targets and organisations with open source tools.

Course Overview


Anchor 1
  • Scene setters - case studies in small and large attacks.

  • Attacking the human firewall - why human phishing beats any defensive tech.

  • Phishing - anatomy of an attack. Recent examples to analyse.

  • Search engines - advanced use in obtaining sensitive corporate data. With practical. (lab)

  • Social media - advanced use in obtaining hidden personal data. With practical. (lab)

  • Metadata extraction. Getting hold of corporate documents and deriving exploitable info. (lab)

  • Covert activity - concealing your online digital footprint from adversaries. With practical (lab)

  • Wi-fi exploitation. Understanding the tracking threat. With practical (lab)

  • Penetration testing - anatomy of a security audit. In-house and outsourcing.

  • Discussions (throughout) - approaches in defending an organisation.

Key Highlights
Anchor 2
  • CISO

  • Security Director

  • Cyber Security Manager / Officer

  • Security Analyst / Engineer

  • SOC Analyst

  • Cyber Threat Analyst

  • CERT Member

  • System /IT Administrator

  • Security Administrator

  • Security Architect / Engineer

  • Compliance Officer / Auditor

  • Developer

  • Auditor

  • Compliance Officer

Designed For
Anchor 3
Course Leader
Anchor 4
Eyal Lemberger
Cyber Intelligence Practitioner,  OSINT Specialist & Forensic Expert

With over 15 years’ experience across a range of disciplines Eyal has a wealth of knowledge to share. Keeping up to date with ever changing technologies and threats is his passion.


Eyal started out managing the network of one of the UK’s largest computer hardware companies. He has continued to be involved with this Company, in various ways, throughout his career.


He has held positions within the UK’s Counter Terrorism (CT) branch and Police Force as one of their technical forensic investigators. He was involved in various major operations over his years with them. He had the opportunity to investigate all sorts of devices that came across his path, from mobile devices and satnavs through to large scale corporate networks.


Since leaving law enforcement he has worked as a Logical and Physical Security Auditor for Visa Europe. This involved reviewing the technical set up for the world’s largest Visa card manufacturers.


During this time he also started as a guest Lecturer with the Defense Academy at Cranfield University, teaching on the Forensic Computing Master’s Degree.


He now runs his own consultancy firm which leads him to work with a wealth of different companies and people. He specialized in network security deployments, investigations, and educating people of how to be more security conscious.

Anchor 5
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