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This training is carefully designed to provide participants with an in depth understanding of all aspects of loadout operations. These operations are demanding, complex and inherently dangerous tasks performed in the marine service industry.


Participants to the mastercalss will understand the importance of mooring analysis of the barge, ballasting operations, sizing strandjack system and design of dead-man anchors, strandjack supports, and auxiliary pushing jacks system.  All the technical procedures, including the loadout manual, risk analysis, safety plan, and marine operations procedures will also be included.


This 3 days masterclass covers the full spectrum of issues that relate to barge maneuvers, testing of all systems and loadout operations.

Course Overview


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  • Explore Transporter Loading Calculation

  • Learn About Transporter Stability Calculation

  • Understand Structural Verification of the Jacket and Barge

  • Tackle Tractive Effort Calculation

  • Analyse Mooring Calculation of Barge

  • Manage Barge Stability Calculation

  • Deal With Barge Strength Check

  • Size  Strandjack System And Design Of Dead-Man Anchors, Strandjack Supports, And Auxiliary Pushing Jacks System

  • Assess Barge Ballasting Calculation

  • Identify Trailers and Ballast Pumps Operation

  • Set up Loadout Power Supply

  • Investigate Procedures for Securing Barges to Tugs

  • Handle Safe Ballast Operations

  • Master Anchor Handling

  • Learn About Supplying Of The Loadout Equipment, Including Strandjacks, Ballast Pumps, Generators, Control Panels And Tug Boats

  • Design, Install & Test The Loudout Ballasting Systems

Key Benefits of Attending
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From Maritime industry:

  • Field Managers & Superintendents

  • Marine Operations Managers, Marine Superintendents, Marine Supervisors & Marine Engineers

  • Barge Superintendents & Deck Foremen

  • Captains, Masters and Marine Officers

  • Surveyors and Positioning Chiefs

  • HSE Management and Staff

  • Safety Officers

  • Emergency Response Teams & Medics

  • Derrik Crane Operators, Winch Engineers & Supervisors

  • AHTS Deck Leaders and Deck Crew

  • Barge or Rig Winch Operators and Drill Crew


From Oil & Gas industry:

  • Offshore Installation Managers

  • Process Engineers

  • Operations Engineers

  • Development Engineers

  • Engineering & Integration Managers

  • Project Manager

  • Conceptual Design Engineers

  • Naval Architects

  • Construction Manager

  • Lead Engineer

  • Compliance Engineer

Designed For
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Captain Noël Haegeman, born in Ghent, Belgium, is a licensed Master in Nautical Science, Master in International Laws at Sea and a Master Deep Sea Going since 1979. He speaks Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese, and has notices of Russian and Lingala.


His knowledge of IMO’s STCW’95 Regulations and his experience as officer and master as well on general cargo - container ships, bulk carriers & offshore supply vessels / semi subs have made him a specialist combining both academic and practical level.


Since 2000 he is an approved instructor / consultant by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and the Belgian Maritime Inspectorate (BMI). In 2006 he was attached to the Universidad Maritima Del Caraibe in Venezuela, in order to support and train the offshore department (U.M.D.C Caracas), where he gained the expertise to become the manager of BIMV Congo in 2007.


Currently he is sharing his 30 years experience in the maritime and the offshore world in both national and international projects for Bureau International Maritime (BIM). Captain Noël Haegeman has conducted a variety of courses in France (Pau, Paris, Calais), Congo (Pointe-Noire), Angola (Luanda), South Africa (Cape Town), U.S.A. (New Orleans), Ivory Coast (Abidjan) and Belgium (Antwerp). He trained OIM's, BCO's and Barge supervisors for different companies and institutes, such as Total, Pride, Foramer, Foxtrot, etc.

Course Leader
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Captain Noël Haegeman
International Maritime and Offshore Expert
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Grand Mercure Jakarta Harmoni

Jl Hayam Wuruk No 36 37

10120 Central Jakarta, Indonesia

Tel: +62 21/3453777

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