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Maintenance & Reliability Practitioners Masterclass     

Companies today face increasing competition and decreasing margins in the global arena. A culture of disruptive innovation combined with visionary leadership and relentless pursuit of process improvement and cost reduction done right are the ingredients required for survival and growth. Equipment must be safe and reliable and process variability must be eliminated. Your people must be motivated and supported with targeted training and a robust and efficient organizational structure.


This course is designed to heighten learning experience and to provide an immersive training environment that maximizes the interaction between attendees – instructor and attendees – their peers. 


This course will provide Maintenance and Reliability personnel with a full explanation of the Award-winning Model of Excellence for maintenance. Participants will be able to develop a strategy to achieve outstanding maintenance and reliability performance for their own workplace

Course Objectives​

  • Learn the underlying principles of maintenance and reliability best practices

  • Develop a strategy for outstanding maintenance and reliability performance

  • Develop reliability methodologies and programmes to drive performance

  • Learn about options and tools to improve reliability at equipment level

  • Define the maintenance planning and scheduling process

  • Specify failures modes for specific components & assets

  • Learn what works and what doesn’t in regard to improving equipment reliability

  • Understand the importance of leadership skills and improving organization and human performance

  • Describe how maintenance can become more strategic and influential function

Who should attend?

  • Maintenance Managers

  • Maintenance Superintendents

  • Maintenance Engineers

  • Maintenance Planners

  • Reliability Engineers

  • Plant Managers

  • Engineering Managers

  • Manufacturing Managers

  • Production Managers

  • Operations Managers

  • Asset Managers

Early Fee: USD 1295

Standard Fee: USD 1695

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