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Mentoring Programme for Talent Development and Succession - Setup and Management    

Mentoring is not new. Yet, most mentoring today is informal, with little or no accountability.


Managed Mentoring offers organisations an effective and cost-efficient mean of people development. It is a deliberate transfer of existing experience, mindset, skills and knowledge within the organisation linked to organisational goals. If successfully implemented, it leads to the strengthening of learning and people values in an organisations culture. Many work-class organisations like Intel, Microsoft and Standard Chartered Bank have established mentoring schemes and credited mentoring as a major reason for improved people performance.


Yet setting up a mentoring process in an organisation requires a systematic approach that includes the determination of outcomes, resources, procedures, training and tracking of results. 


This research and practitioner based training will bring to you the best practices that can be effectively deployed and implemented for your organisations mentoring Programme.

Course Objectives​

Upon successful completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Promote the benefits of a Structured Mentoring Programme

  • Identify the elements of a Structured Mentoring Process

  • Design and initiate a Structured Mentoring Programme

  • Manage and assess a Structured Mentoring Programme

  • Handle potential implementation challenges of the Programme

Who should attend?

  • HR Leaders & Managers

  • Talent Development/Management

  • Succession Planning

  • Organisation Development

Early Fee: USD 995

Standard Fee: USD 1395

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